About Us

Viva Bliss GiftsHi and welcome to Viva Bliss Gifts. ūüéĀ¬†

As a mom with a loving extended family. I found myself constantly looking for unique, fun, personalized gifts, clothing and accessories for my family, friends and other important people in our lives. I searched for unique items and would come across some very cool and funny t-shirts. Over the years as we purchased and continued to search for more I kept coming across the same simple saying on mugs, t-shirts, bbq aprons and get a little disappointed on the options that were available. I'm sure you can relate.

I often wondered how many people out there have the same problem. While it is nice and we did buy the 'Best Grandma Ever" mug and "Best Dad Ever" T-shirts, we needed more variety more options.

For years my husband, kids, parents and I would joke around with ideas and come up with funny quotes and say "that would be good on a shirt"....

So, I thought why don't we just create an amazing gift shop with items that provide creative designs that speak to the person receiving the gift and show the thoughtfulness of the person buying the gift. It is a wonderful thing when the receiver feels like the gift giver knows them so well, enough to buy the gift the uniquely fits them, their style, personality, flair and connect to what they are into. We also wanted to give you the ability to customize your clothing, mugs, accessories and more to make them even more personal and special.

So welcome again to Viva Bliss Gift Shop, we are so happy to have you here! May you find the perfects gifts that speak to you and your loved ones and deepen that special bond and connection that you share. Have fun browsing around, customizing your gifts and spreading a little bliss and happiness with each gift you give. If you ever have an idea that you don't see available, feel free to contact us and maybe just maybe we can make it happen for you.

Please Stay Safe, Happy and Healthy!